On Saturday 13th November 2010, Bouschka was put to sleep.

Bouscha was by Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall (a Gino Gomez x Athena v Karat) out of Aritaur Flip Fantasia 'Java' (Khaneve Rage n Honour x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur 'Juno').

Bouschka had an insulinoma which developed over the last year. It is a tumour on the pancreas which constantly secretes insulin. Consequently the sugar levels drop and occasionally crash and she fitted. Even with at least 6 small meals a day, the fits were getting worse with a big fit on Saturday night when I was in Scotland, and another on Thursday early hours when Martin was away. Horrid all around but mostly for Boo. She was great in between, but they were getting worse and she felt sick when she was low.

We hadn't intended to keep from that litter but at 6 weeks after she flew out of the box to tell her mum to stop bothering her, we thought ooh, that one's not going to a standard pet home! Thank God she stayed and gave us undying and unquestioning loyalty. Nothing would get through Boo to us.

Boo was very dog aggressive, but give her anyone's tiny puppy to care for and she was the best mother. We once rescued a litter of 7 pups who we brought here at 5 weeks, and she loved them as her own. As a guardian, there was never any better dog. She was utterly and completely fearless and would honestly lay down her life for me. Although she loved us equally, she was very much my girl and I could go anywhere in the pitch black feeling totally safe having her with me. She had a great instinct about which people were safe or not.

She is totally irreplaceable and I am deeply honoured to have shared her life with her. There has never been a better dog. I dont' think I will ever get over losing her.

Always watching
Photo by David Knowles - Asia (Dominatrix), me and Bouschka

Bouschka had three litters (the maximum we have from our bitches), and raised great litters from each. Her first was to Vonedstram Kwinto BH, her second to Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3, ZTP V1A, and her third to his son Ch Leibwache Al Capone.

This is a very windy video of Boo with her pups on their first adventure outside.

Thanks to all the owners of Boo's puppies for keeping her memory alive. May they all be as faithful and loyal to you as well as Bouschka was to us.


Our puppies are born upstairs and stay there for around 2.5 - 3 weeks until they're ready to come downstairs. Boo was one of the best and devoted mum's, but wanting to catch my attention one day when I'd obviously left her for too long (5 minutes was too much!) and walked past the bottom of the stairs, she got a kitchen roll and started throwing it around - boobs swinging and ears flying all over the place. How could I resist?! Funny times :-)

Years on, I still miss her so much

  As long as she had someone to watch over, she was content.
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