Lux ch ARITAUR HISTABRAQ schh3 x Martonburg's miss dior cherie at cockneyoka
Litter DOB 19/03/09 - pictures at 6.5 weeks. 10 puppies - five males, five females
Blue collar dog
Red collar dog 'Harvey'
Brown dog
Silver collar dog
Mustard collar bitch 'Hope'
No collar dog
Brown girl
No collar girl
Silver collar girl (and I could never play Poker!)                      
Red collar girl

In mid May 09 we visited a lovely litter of puppies raised by Steve & Deb Robertson in Essex. Their bitch Holly bred by Marcia Cox, has a very sweet nature - and has been a great mum to a happy brood of puppies. Holly and her pups are in excellent condition and both mum and pups are a credit to their hard work of Steve & Deb who have raised them to be secure and confident with their many visitors.

Steve & Deb kept a black bitch they called Hope, and Harvey is with their son. They will be shown alongside another sister owned by Wes & Sam Green - black bitch who are all enjoying success in the ring already.

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