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Breeder Kim & Martin Jones - Litter DOB 4th Sept 09 5 pups, ( 2 males, 3 females)
Black male
Brown male
Brown female
Lady Marmalade

Kim and Martin Jones in Hereford had a lovely litter from their girl Scooby to our Bracco.

With help socialising the puppies from young son Rhys - all pups are now conditioned to very loud children. On the phone to Kim recently, I heard a bizarre sound from the other end of the phone and asked Kim - 'what on earth was that?' 'It was Rhys growling' she replied!! After I managed to compose myself Kim laughed and said - it gets better! Apparently when Rhys came out of nappies he went out into the garden and peed up against a tree - like he'd seen the dogs do! What a great home - for dogs and children, and as always, thank you Kim for choosing Bracco again for your lovely girls. You do a great job raising such happy, outgoing puppies.

Brown female
Black female

Note from a happy puppy owner:  Poppy is an absolute sweetheart, her nature is second to none.  She is a very clever puppy and knows only to steal off the bunker when there is no chilli powder on it!!!  She passed all the puppy tests Yvonne set out for the Dobermann puppy day, there were 5 puppies, from 6-12 months and Yvonne did things like walking by people with screaming dolls in buggies and people on bikes, umbrellas being put up and down. Poppy was the best and never looked at any of them, some of the other puppies were chasing the buggy and bike.  They were just over interested but I think because Poppy was brought up in the house with the two children she was immune to the noises and took it all in her stride.

She has passed her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation and Bronze award and is now working on her Silver.  She mastered the tunnels at the Dog agility (obviously thats all she did as she's too young) She loves everyone and all the puppies in her class and really gets excited about going.  She is very easy to train and has eyes for only me (and my sausages) at the classes.  Everyone comments on her easy nature and her gorgeous colour.  I cannot make one bad comment and if I needed another puppy I would not hesitate to contact yourself or Kim. 

Photos to follow, Hope you get them,


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