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Litter DOB 17/10/06 - pictures at 7 weeks. 10 black puppies - one bitch.
The only bitch in the litter - 'Prada'
Purple collar dog
Brown collar dog
Blue collar dog
Green collar dog
Red check collar dog
Blue collar black check
Light blue collar dog
Red collar dog
Pink collar dog

On 5th December we went to see a really fun loving litter of gorgeous puppies raised by Clair Winters in Cheshire. Their mum Misty has the sweetest nature - she's very happy and so proud of her puppies; bouncing into the room willing you to come and see her pups. She's in excellent condition and both mum and pups are a credit to their breeder Clair who has raised them to be secure and confident and loving the many visitors they have.

Clair is keeping the only black bitch - named 'Prada'. pups have plenty of bone and substance, excellent underjaws, dark clear markings, short coupled and we look forward in anticipation to seeing how they develop. As you can see red and pink collar dogs in particular enjoyed some sport on my hands for the cream cheese. Ever sympathetic, Martin takes the pictures and enjoys a good laugh at my expense!

Well done Clair we are very pleased that you are so delighted with your lovely litter!

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