Brinley won at the very top in both the UK and Europe. He was out of Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix's first litter by one of Europe's top ever sires Int, Multi & Russ Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai. Having seen many of Tamer's progeny at the IDC in Bratislava '03, we were very impressed not only by his progeny, but those of his siblings from the famous 'T' litter, who made a great impact on European dogs. Tamer combined elegance, substance and steady character and like his siblings, Brinley inherited his parents' steady, loving character.

Brinley impressed everyone with his kind nature, and was a great ambassador for Dobes.

Colin & Karen are devastated by the loss of Brinley. We share their grief and are all left very low by this great dog no longer being here.

We all enjoyed Team Brinley and watching him become such a success. He was a fantastic showman, a really super male who loved the whole show atmosphere but most of all he was a great family dog who just was truly a once in a lifetime dog. We are privileged to have bred him and to have shared our lives with him.

Big, Beautiful, Brown Brinley is very badly missed.

On 14th October, aged 71/2 years, Brinley died suddenly in his garden at home. We had the phone call no breeder wants

Despite having had Clear Echo-cardiograms for the past 3 years, a detailed post mortem showed that Brinley most probably died from an arrhythmia, like sudden death in humans. The post mortem detailed there was no dilation to the left ventricle and it was definitively not DCM. However, arrhythmia's are one of the factors that lead to DCM so it is possible that Brinley would at a later stage have developed DCM.

Photo at 3 yrs. by Dean Sawyer.
Karen writes - "To say we are heartbroken is an understatement, he was the most wonderful dog and companion to Colin and I and we could not have loved him more than a human child, in fact I think we loved him more.
We love our girls but we had a special relationship with him. He loved us all so much and he lived for his pack, human and Doggy. He was never happier than when he was at home with us all. Thankfully that night we were all together and had had a fun evening playing in the garden, so he died content and happy.

For me he was my constant companion. He followed mum everywhere, I always had his presence by me. He slept on the bed with me during the week while Colin was in London and would wake me up with his snoring but I would often wake up with his head on the pillow next to me which was wonderful. He gave me kisses every morning and every evening, dewy eyed looks constantly and would run to me for his cuddles when he needed one. He was our guardian and protector always. Talia and Sassy looked to him as their leader and he loved them dearly. He was our hero.

He was such a magnificent and beautiful dog to be around and we were always being stopped by people who wanted to admire him. Locally people we know have sent me such kind messages about him as they were all so impressed by his beauty and character. One of the guys said he had such magnificence and stature he was truly special.

I am strugging at the moment to come to terms with life without him and feeling constantly bereft, he was such a huge, wonderful character it really is so hard. We feel very privileged to have had him in our lives but truly wish it had been just a little longer".

In the garden at Cornwall - Brinley watching over Karen, daughter Talia, GP Sassy and her two black pups.
      Above - Talia, Colin & Brinley - 09            

Colin & Karen and Martin & Jay thank the judges who found Heracles worthy of his awards and who enjoyed judging him. MAIN RESULTS

BOB & Group - Cloghran & IRISH CH Barry Orr and Billy Henderson
CAC Bleiswick - Terry Nethercott
BOB & Group - St Patricks & CELTIC WINNER 09– Simon Rooney
CAC & LUX CH Denis Kuzilj (Slovenia)
CACIB Groeningen – Ostenk Schenk
CAC Leiden – Rob Douma (Ned)
CC, BOB & UK CH Birm Nat, Mick Drennan
CC & RBIS Scot Dobe ~ Lynn Glass
CC & BOS 3 Counties ~ A Brace
RCC NIDC ~ Gill Cashman
RCC Belfast ~ Merete Dalghard
RCC NECDC ~ Keith Allison
RCC SWKA ~ Billy Henderson
LUX WINNER Anna Tits (Rus)

Thank you Nicky Redtenbacher (Bellstone Dobermanns South Africa), for her photo above of Brinley in Champion Brown Males class at the IDC Sweden 2008.

A triple win for Aritaur in Ireland when Heracles won the Dog Green Star, Hipnotique won the Bitch Green Star and Aritaur Navarro via Tuwos won the Reserve Dog Green Star.

Heracles then went on to win the Group.

Brinley was DCM Echo tested Clear March 09, Dec 10. Daughter Talia (Marmalade Vamp) DCM tested Clear Oct 09.

Above and below - Winning the Open Brown Male class at Luxembourg from judge Anna Tits (iz Doma Domeni - Russia)


Brinley 6 months with Karen. Photo Dean Sawyer

Dobermann Club Yearbook 2005/6

Above in the garden with owner Colin. with his daughter Talia, and left. All Aritaur dogs are pets first and foremost.
Dobermann Club Yearbook 2006/7
3 Generations - Brinley at 4.5 mths with Grandmother Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur and Mother Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix

The 'H litter' are the most titled litter in UK history.

UK, Irish Ch A. Hipnotique UK Bitch Breed Record Holder
UK, Irish, Lux Ch A. Heracles at Brintala
UK Ch A. Helina
Int, Lux Ch A. Histabraq SchH3 (highest scoring UK Dobe ever)

To see the rest of the H litter, click HERE For Brinley's progeny page click HERE.

Dobermann Club Yearbook ad for 2007/8
Brinley, Colin & Talia - summer at home in Cornwall 2011    
Colin & Karen visited us in early 2004 for a black bitch for Karen to show. They immediately noticed this big plump puppy we'd nicknamed Pilsbury Dough Boy, and asked to have him. A bit too much dog for Karen to handle in the ring, Martin took Brinley on to show him and he became a Champion in Three Countries. Team Brinley was a great team. Thanks for such good times and for being such a great dog Brin. We all love you. Take care of Granny Juno now.
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