x Aritaur Diamante Nero 'Zsa Zsa Litter DOB 19.07.05

Aritaur Mustang Sally

'Maddie is owned by our great friend and co-breeder Pat Newey, who bred our original and beloved foundation bitch Juno. Maddie is no longer shown but won well. kindly handled by Mel Merchant.

HEALTH - DCM Clear Oct 09, VWd Clear


Aritaur Marmalade Vamp at Brintala

Talia is owned by Colin & Karen Wakefield, who also own her father, Brinley. Talia will be mated in Autumn 2010, and Colin & Karen with us are currently looking at suitable prospects for her.

HEALTH - DCM Clear Oct 09, Hip Score 3:4, VWd Clear, PHPV Clear, Thyroid normal

Talia making friends in Cornwall.
x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo 'Kenya' Litter DOB 04.03.05

Aritaur Lionheart 'Tuco' is owned by Janice & Brian Gibbons. Tuco was shown and qualified for Crufts, but Janice's first enjoyment is heelwork to music with Tuco and they have represented her club at a large country music barn dance do!

Janice & Tuco recently competed in her first Special Pre-Beginners Class with a result of 9 out of 27. Excellent Janice - we're really pleased to see you out there enjoying different activities with Tuco (completely barking but that's why we love you!) and proving that Dobes have the ability to enjoy a variety of different exercises with their dogs!

Spring '06
Hilary & Jack Drapers ~ 'Milo' Aritaur Lex Luthor
Michelle, Ron & Jean Barley's 'Cane'.
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