Aritaur nominator BH x knecht jezebel for ARITAUR
Y Litter DOB 14/11/08 - pictures at 6.5 weeks (31st Dec)

For owner feedback on pups,
and for later pictures of pups stacked with head pics at 6.6 weeks

Nominator (Falk)
Knecht Jezebel (Tess)

Karen & Matt. As you know, we take great care where we place our puppies to make sure they, and their new owners will be happy together. We feel we must be honest with you and draw your attention to 'THE SIGN', below, (we thought it was just a toy tied to the panel!), which appeared today above the head of your chosen Orange collar dog. Instead of 'Brian' as your chosen name, maybe 'Damien' might be more appropriate!!!

Below at 5.5 weeks
Light Blue collar male
Orange collar male
Dark Blue collar male
Brown collar male
Burgundy collar male
Green collar male
Cerise collar female
Orange collar female
Pink collar female
White collar female
You can climb down me but you're still not having my trophy roll of cardboard!
Who are you looking at?
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