Owner     Pet name Registered name DOD Age Died Cause of Death   Hips Eyes vWD Cardio Health Notes
    Carrier Echo Clear Sept 00, Oct 01, Mar 03, Mar 05, Dec 06.
Our Aritaur foundation bitch was 'Juno' Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur (Ch Holtzburg Mayhem x Holtzburg Dior from Crislea). 16.01.96 - 08.01.08 (12)        
Litter x 10   26.12.97 Khaneve Rage n Honour x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Phyllis B Bl D Luca Judgement Knight from Khaneve   10            
Us Bl D Caius Midnight Rave 12.01.10 12 Lymphosarcoma   8:13 (21   Carrier    
Robson Br D Robson Renaiisance Man   12            
Ailsa S Bl D   High Speed Chase   11.8            
Phil Bl D   Take It Too Hard   13            
Roland Br D Castor Advance Party   12            
Lucy W Bl D Jake Special Agent   9.5            
Us Bl B Kenya Sweetest Taboo Jan-09 12 Kidney Tumour       Carrier    
Us Br B Java Flip Fantasia 26th April 06 9 Liver Tumour       Carrier    
Martin Bl B Rea On A Promise 05/05/2010 13.5 Tumour front leg            
Ave 11.4        
Litter x 8   11.01.00 Ch Miendy's Soba Up x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Gareth Bl D   Male Order for Trexmann   ?            
Diane & Pete Bl D Jed Storm Damage 2011 11 Old age       Carrier    
Stanley & June Br D Storm Well Adjusted 11-Sep-12 12.5 Lymphoma cancer            
Warren Br B Widget Quite a Catch   ?            
Goldsmith Br B   With A Passion   ?            
Lynne & Les Br B Honey Surprisingly Soba Aug-14 14.7 Old age     Affected    
Jackie then us Bl B Riva A Little More Soba 08.11.09 9.9 Diabetes from Pregnancy     Carrier    
Alan & Yvonne Br B Zara Secret Scandal 22.06.11 11.5 Became unwell, pts     Carrier    
C x 7   21.03.01 Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall x A. Sweetest Taboo DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Stewart L Bl D Rudi Carantino Covora              
Jenna Bl D Turkish Ciablo del Cora        
Marie Br D Beau Consentes Dii   13 old age            
Jacques Bl D   Clan Fortissimo              
Nicki Bl B Riot Cavallo Vira 22.11.13 12            
Col & Brenda Bl B Edmund Cavera Cobra Jun-08 7 Copper toxicosis            
Rory & Stephanie Bl B Java Causa Causans        
D x 5 28.06.01   Ch Ramonburgs Valdo x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur. DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Tony & Sharon Bl D Dexter Don Giovanni   9 Bloat            
Malc & Marianne Br B Jovi Dolce Vita 30.04.12 11 Infection?     Unaffected      
Pat Bl B Zsa Zsa Diamante Nero     HD-A Unaffected      
Yvonne & Alan Bl B Skye Diamond Ice 28.06.12 10.7            
Us Br B Asia Dominatrix 16.10.13 12   10:14 (24) Unaffected Clear    
E x 7   13.11.01 Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall x Aritaur Flip Fantasia   Age Died Cause of Death  
Gary & Kirsti Bl D Ronin Excalibur 11.08.11 10 Splenic tumour            
Nick & Trudi Br D Luther Egoist 09.07.14 13 Old age            
Margaret & Richard Bl B Cass Exhilarate 13.12.11 10 Cancer            
Nick & Mellie Br B Lexi Extravaganza 06.11.13 12 Old age            
Phil Templar Bl B Sula Euphoria 2012 11 Old age            
Mick & Eileen Br B Ellie Electra 26.04.11 9.5 Bone tumour   4:4 (8) Unaffected      
Us Bl B Bouschka Equinox 12.11.10 9 Insulinoma - pancreas tumour 5:7 (12) Unaffected Carrier    
F x 9   08.11.02 Ch Korifey iz Zoosfery x Aritaur Flip Fantasia DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Nick & Mellie Bl D Bacchus Formula One 2011 9 Off back legs            
Jon & Marianne Bl D Monty Falko 2011 8 Cancer?            
Jackie Bl D Russia From Russia with Love PTS 05   Bite PTS   9:10 (19)   Clear    
Caz Bl D Harvey F'ladimir 10.03.11 9 Bone cancer  
Phil Bl D Moby Full Monty 26.03.14 11.5 Arthritis old age   6:8 (14) Unaffected Clear    
Andy Bl D Flashman        
Michelle Bl B Jet Fantasy Double              
Chrissie Bl B Daphne Fuzzy Love       Sub aortic stenosis - still good at 12
David & Adele Bl B Gucci For Your Eyes Only May-12 10 Off back legs            
G Litter 7 x 7   15.08.03 Ch Korifey iz Zoosfery x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Frank & Kate Bl D Max (?) Gridlock        
Anita Bl D Neo Geometrix     Carrier  
Simon & Janine Bl D Grande Garcia        
Lee & Suzanne Bl D Preston Game Theory        
James Bl D Rufus Griditsa     Clear  
Amanda Bl B Paige Giovanna Died              
Nick & Dawn Bl B Phoenix Genesis Died              
H Litter 8 x 10   26.02.04 Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai x Ch Aritaur Dominatrix DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Us Bl D Bracco Histabraq 3:6 (9) Unaffected Clear BP  
Colin & Karen Br D Brinley Heracles 14.10.11 8.5 Sudden death   20:19 (39) Unaffected Clear BP    
Fred & Jan Bl D Thor Havarick     Clear BP  
Andreas & Meral Bl B Leia Hermione   7.5 From whelping - retained puppy     Clear BP    
Hugh, Billy & Jewell Bl B Zena Hipnotique 04.12.10 7 Sudden death (in whelp)     Clear BP    
Simon & Elaine Bl B Liebe Hanuschka 31.10.14 10.9 Old age   13:13 (26) Clear BP  
Lynn & Les Br B Indie Helina Oct-13 9.6 Sudden death   HD-C/D one side   Clear BP    
Charles & Sally Bl B Ella Hastra Kastra 03.02.12 8 Tumours     Unaffected Clear BP    
Andy & Chris Br B Cuba Haute Chocolat   9 Sudden death       Clear BP    
Karen & Jerry Bl B Pippa Halcyone 05/04/2013 9 Cancer   Clear BP   Hind leg cancer (leg amputated) spread to lungs
I Litter x 4   02.03.04 Ch Jowendy's I'm so Excited at Zajonti x Aritaur Flip Fantasia DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Dave & Beth Br B Eva Imajica        
Stewart & Mel Br D Irinus        
Jonathon & Catherine Br D   Issenbar 16/07/2013 *9 Blockage/bone            
Mel Br B Isolda        
J Litter x 8   01.09.05 Vonedstram Kwinto x Aritaur Equinox   Age Died Cause of Death  
Rob & Alison Bl D   Jupiter PTS 9 Unknown. Lost contact          
Sharon & Colin Br D Henry Jormungard 2012 7            
Jeff Bl D Rolex Jurojin        
Mike & Liz Br B Nushka Jelena 09/08/2013 8 Liver tumour            
Alison & Mike Br B Silke Jeu D'Esprit        
Nicky Bl B Chaos Jezebel PTS 27/08/13 7 Cancer   2:3 (5)        
Dawn F Bl B Jessica         Lost contact
Marianne & Jon Br B Jagen Jattarius   Cancer            
K Litter x 2   20.02.05 Ch Aritaur Histabraq x Ch Aritaur Little More Soba DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Mark & Jackie Br D Kash Kalibre         OK 07
Us Bl B Kalina Kalina 7:4 (11) Unaffected Clear  
L Litter x 7     04.03.05 Ch A. Heracles at Brintala x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Steve & Pauline Br D Nico Lucillus        
Hilary & Jack Br D   Lex Luthor 1 year *1 Run over            
Gill & Tim Caine Br D Johnson Lazarus Died 16.03.11 6 Ruptured Chordae Tendineae          
Tony & Valerie Bl D Lothario        
Brian & Janice Bl D Tuco Lionheart        
Leigh & Lisa Bl D Lancelot        
Michelle Barley Bl D Kane Lohengrin        
*M Litter x 5 co-bred Pat Newey 19.07.05 Ch A. Heracles at Brintala x Aritaur Diamante Nero DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Pat Br B Stella Mocha Latte        
Pat Bl B Maddie Mustang Sally        
Amanda Bl B Tori Memphis Belle        
Dawn Bl D Brando Maverick PTS/Died ? ?   32:32 (64)   Clear    
Colin & Karen Br B Talia Marmalade Vamp 3:4 (7) Unaffected    
N Litter 14 x 12 22.11.05 22.11.05 Ch F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell x Ch Aritaur Dominatrix DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Us Bl D Falk Nominator 22.10.14 9 Sudden death   3:3 (6) Unaffected Clear BP  
Tony Bl D Max Notorious 5:9 (14)   Clear BP  
Karl & Natalie Bl D Stig Nitrate     Clear BP  
Stephen & Naomi Bl D Ruger Negotiator     Clear BP  
Maureen Rice Br D Guapo Norseman at Blitzkrieg Oct-08 ? Leukaemia       Clear BP    
Debbie & Martin Br D Sire Nijinsky 10.10.14 9 Bone cancer, front paw     Clear BP  
Billy Br D Finn Navarro     Clear BP  
Nigel Bl B Nikita     Clear BP  
Michael & Allan Bl B Lace Natalia     Clear BP   last contact 29/10/14
Lesley & Martin Bl B Lara Nionette   8 Pelvic cancer       Clear BP    
Claire S Br B Calais Nanoushka         Clear BP    
Ralph Br B Trix Natrix 3:3 (6) Unaffected Clear BP  
*O x 10 *co-bred with Yvonne Staple 30.11.05 Aritaur Full Monty x Aritaur Diamond Ice no contracts/details DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Leena Bl D Taran Onassis   PTS bite            
Stephen Br D Ludwig October Odyssey        
Karen Br D Orient Express        
Anna Br D Farley Optimum Overide Feb-07 *15 months Snake bite (Hong Kong)          
Yvonne     Br D Alfie Orenburg May-13 8 Abdominal tumour            
Bl B Optical Illusion        
Lorraine H                                                                                                    Bl B Maddie Opulent Onyx        
Angela G Bl B Solar Ophelia 23:25 (48) Unaffected Carrier  
Tony & Sharon                                                                                                            Br B Georgia Odelina        
Paul & Michelle H Br B Opium        
P x 5   20.02.06 Ch Aritaur Histabraq x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Tony & Barbara Bl D Rocco Prospector        
Julie D Bl D Paradox        
Shaun & Di Bl D Luca Picasso        
Lynne Bl B Cuba Possession   Unaffected    
Nicky W Br B Aggro Pandora   *            
Q x 4 * Co-bred with Sally Hibbert 23.07.06 Aritaur Kalibre x Aritaur Hastra Kastra DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Richard & Stewart Bl D Quella     Clear BP  
Angela Br B Kasha Quartz 2011         Clear BP    
Colin & Sharon Bl B Daisy Quirina 2012   Sickness, some kind of toxicity     Clear BP    
Sally Br D Vince Quinton     Clear BP  
R x 9 Bracco & Boo   02.09.06 Ch Aritaur Histabraq x Aritaur Equinox DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Pip & Chick Bl D Dexter Rasputin        
Dean & Yolanda Br B Riley Redemption        
Gerry & Pat Br D Luca Renegade        
Stuart & Lesley Bl B Roxi Revelation 15/06/2014 7 PTS Trauma prolapsed disc          
Tim & Mandy Br B Lexi Reflexion        
Mark & Sharon Bl     Romanov 2012 7.5 PTS Bit?            
Steve & Heather Br D Revolver        
Pauline Br B Chelsea Rhapsody 2:2 (4) Unaffected Carrier Copper toxicosis
Tony Bl B Bibi Raphaelle        
*S x 9 Co-Bred with L Holmes 05.10.06 Ch Aritaur Histabraq x Jojavik Save The Last Dance DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Rod Bl D Salvador     Clear BP  
Luke Br D Samurai No litter contracts/details     Clear BP  
Bryan & Kate Br D Otto Senator     Clear BP  
Penny Bovil Bl D Jedidiah Sicilian Kiss     Clear BP  
Glenn Br D Kaiser Sensation     Clear BP  
Gary & Rachael     27.10.13 7 Addisons       Clear BP    
Br B Sasparilla     Clear BP  
Br B Schiaparelli     Clear BP  
Caz ? Bl B Smirnoff Ice     Clear BP  
Lynn H Bl B Kastra Solitaire     Clear BP  
Steve & Barbara        
T Litter x 9     19.01.07 Ch Aritaur Tom Dober Hagi x Ch Aritaur Dominatrix DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Angela D Tarantino   Unaffected Clear BP  
Marion & Bill D TJ Tomahawk 7:6 (13) Unaffected Clear BP  
Mary Beth   D Talis Tantalus 2011 *4 Poison/brain damage     Clear BP    
Amanda & Kevin D Kaiser Triton     Clear BP   Cervical instability. Neck op successful Nov14
Chris & Peter D Testarossa     Clear BP  
David B Ursa Tarantess     Clear BP  
Mel B Laylou Trinity     Clear BP  
Mags B Erin Tzarevitch 7:7 (14) Unaffected Clear BP
Us B Jenna Tarantella 7:8 (15)   Clear BP  
U Litter x 4   05.02.07 Aritaur Nominator x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Jenny D Rossi Ultravox        
Karen & Crispin D Max Ustinov        
Heather B Mara Unique         Was Dorothy's
David & Elin B Gina Ultimate        
*V x 10 *Co-bred with Sally Hibbert 15.02.08 Aritaur Nominator x Aritaur Hastra Kastra DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Tracey Bl D Flynn Vincent Vega HD-A (Ger) Affected Clear BP   Cervical instability. Neck op successful March 14
Sean Bl D Cuilan Vindicator   one eye Clear BP  
John S Bl D Velocity   one strand Clear BP  
Annina Br D Brandy Vladislav A:A (Fin) Unaffected Clear BP  
Katja & Jan Bl B Easter Valentina Aug 5th 6.5 Lymphoma Spleen   Clear BP  
Katja & Jan Bl B Bailey Vicky von Plugl     Clear BP  
Shaneel G Bl B Maya Vampiressa        
June & Andy Bl B Ava Vodkatini        
Susan & Duncan Bl B Leyla Vanity Fair     Clear BP  
Miriam Br B Chai Vladimira        
*W x 7 Co-bred with L Holmes 31.01.08 Aritaur Nominator x Jojavik Save The Last Dance DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Bl D Warhawk     Clear BP  
Bl D War Dance     Clear BP  
No contracts, Br D Warlord 5:2 (7) Unaffected Clear BP  
contacts or details Br D Warrior     Clear BP  
Br D War Talk     Clear BP  
Bl B Wynona     Clear BP  
Br B Wild Child     Clear BP  
X Litter x 9   22.02.08 Ch Leibwache Al Capone x Aritaur Equinox DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Steve B   D   Xalvador   *1 Toxaemia            
Chris & Mary D Xebo Xander         Lick sore Nov 13
Gary & Karen D Rebel Xirius        
Paul & Sandy D Merlin Xanthus        
Penny D D Alfie Xanedor        
Mike & Karen D Jack Xavier        
Tony B Minnie Xermandie        
Jeff & Jane B Tavi Xanadu        
Jonathan & Becky   B Jada Xanthia   5 Kidney failure            
Y Litter x 10   14.11.08 Aritaur Nominator x Knecht Jezebel to Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Lydia & Dennis Bl D Cooper Yagerman         Was in Scotland rehomed to Michael & Tracy Sawyer,fostered by Dave, then to Lydia & Dennis Parker
Jack & Eddie Bl D Rory Yaroslav        
Dale & Kimberley Bl D Bailey Yaromir        
James & Robyn Bl D Rasmus Yevgeny        
Matt & Karen Bl D Brian Yukatan        
Jo & Graham Bl D Blake Yury Yakovlev        
John & Kathy Bl B Sally Saul Yelizaveta        
Stephen & Naomi Bl B Angel Yekaterina        
John & Anne Bl B Sophie Ysabelle        
David & Karen Bl B Kelly Yvressa        
* x 12 Co-bred with L. Holmes 10.12.2008 Aritaur Nominator & Aritaur Solitaire DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Alan & Caroline Br D Bronzovy Buddha     Clear BP  
Us Bl D Jagger Philosophy 5:5 (10)   Clear BP  
Mark & Jane Bl D Trouper Calcutta Strutter     Clear BP  
Zara B Bl D Sydney Sling     Clear BP  
Vince & Victoria D Luther     Clear BP  
Jason & Becky Bl D Vince Russian Roulette   *2013 Ate a rubber ball.       Clear BP    
William & Demini Bl B Bomber Gucci Mucchi     Clear BP  
David & Gay Bl B Purdey Kinky Helsinki     Clear BP  
Tony & Valerie Bl B Very Vogue     Clear BP  
Lisa Bl B Slinky Devine     Clear BP  
Sue & Chris Bl B Voodoo Doll     Clear BP  
Rab & Kirsti Bl B Tilly Tilly Tatler     Clear BP  
* x 11 - Co-bred with Verity Watts 14.12.2009 Aritaur Nominator x Domoniques Fire Dancer DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Melvyn & Norma M Bl D Jake Macchiavelli     Clear BP  
Emily & Lee K Bl D Dexter Beau Regard No contracts/details     Clear BP  
Brian & June Bl D Jake D'Artagnan     Clear BP  
Emily & Rich Bl D Bertie Chevalier     Clear BP  
Adrian B Bl D Norman Troubadour     Clear BP  
Ian Fox Bl D Theo Sacre Bleu     Clear BP  
Frances G Br D Smudger Grand Marnier Nov-13 *4 Accident   Clear BP  
Cindy Br D   Robespierre   *10 weeks Attacked and killed by dog     Clear BP    
Ashley & Stine Br D Hunter Scarlet Pimpernel     Clear BP  
Janet M Bl B Apolda Folies Bergere     Clear BP  
Lauren & Derek Br B Coco La Vie en Rose     Clear BP  
    Clear BP  
Litter A x 13   03.01.2010 Ch Tom Dober Hagi x Aritaur Kalina DOD Age Died Cause of Death           Notes
Steve Ketterer Bl D Marco Aristedes     Clear BP  
Greg & Sally Bl D Kramer Alpheus     Clear BP  
Mark Gardner Bl D Dylan Adrastus     Clear BP  
Ian Sparshott Bl D Sabre Atticus     Clear BP  
Simon & Caroline Bl D Hachi Achilles     Clear BP   Was Mike Hinkley
Jude Bl D Bracco Jnr Abraxus     Clear BP   Was Andy
Jamie Bl D Kaiser Adonis     Clear BP  
Stew Bl B Star Antandre     Clear BP  
Sarah Bl B Evie Artemis     Clear BP  
Nicky Warren Bl B Rave Alabama     Clear BP  
Nora Gilpin Bl B Tallis Affinity     Clear BP  
David Knowles Bl B Enya Athena     Clear BP  
Janice Gibbons Bl B Deana Aphrodite     Clear BP  
B x 11     30.12.09 Aritaur Philosophy x Knecht Jezebel to Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death   Notes
Kareem Bl D Ezio Bombadier        
Josie Bl D Zach Bombastic        
Lorraine C now with Sheila Bl D Axel Buccaneer         Was with Lorraine C
Carolyn Bl D Douglas Bayardo        
Andy & Gemma Bl B Luna Beatrice        
Dawn Bl B Kalina Jnr Berenice        
Moira Bl B Ziva Belladonna        
John & Frances Bl B Lara Bettina 16/10/2014 5 Sudden death           No PM
Vicky Bl B Kiara Bohemia 4:6 (10) Unaffected Clear  
Wayne & Heidi Bl B Xena Bellina        
Bruce Bl B Lucy Bernadette        
Bl B        
C 31 x 12   23.11.10 Ch Aritaur Histabraq x Leibwache Honey Hustler to Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Adele Waterman Bl D Ozzy Casanova     Clear BP   was Marek & Claire
Gordon & Rosalind Bl D Jax Commissar     Clear BP  
Lesley & John Br D Kai Capability Brown     Clear BP  
Tom & Sherri Br D Boogie Commandant     Clear BP  
Jo & Kevin Br D Hugo Cardinal Red at Jodaseen 3:4 (7) Unaffected Clear BP  
Tara & Paul Br D Mali Charlie Brown     Clear BP   was Phil & Holly B
Jason K Bl B Charisma     Clear BP  
Tara & Paul Br B Lulu Grace Cinnabar     Clear BP  
Adrian & Kate Br B Reba Crepes Suzette     Clear BP  
Tracy & Andrew Br B Della Clementine     Clear BP  
Mike Br B Honey Jnr Cointreau     Clear BP  
Mike T Br B Viva Celebrity 4:5 (9) Unaffected Clear BP  
D x 4   03.06.11 Aritaur Philosophy x Aritaur Tarantella DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Lorna Bl D Kaiszer Double Dare     Clear BP   Tail amputation damage end 2014
Karen & Gary Bl B Jaeger Dita von Teese at Jagelka 4:5 (9) Unaffected Clear BP  
Bev & Mel Bl B River Dynamique     Clear BP  
Anne Fegan Bl B Ruby Dolly Dagger     Clear BP  
E x 10   30.06.2011 Aritaur Philosophy x Knecht Jezebel to Aritaur DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Tina Langdown Bl D Zion Eckhardt        
Jody Bl D Rogue Elysium        
Chris & Jayne Bl D Harvey Eminence         Spoke 29/10/14
Lynsey & Andrew Bl D Mason Edison        
Emily & Lee Bl B Tess Jnr Esprit        
Andy & Debbie Bl B Thea Elixir        
Lesley & John Bl B Frankie Eclipse        
Elaine Bl B Libby Enchante 5:4 (9) Unaffected Clear  
Debbie & Steven Bl B Luna Elegante        
Peter & Caroline Bl B Tess Jnr Enigma        
* H - Not used        
*x 14 Co-bred with Vicky Gibbons 27.01.13 Ch Purgaj Porsche di Altobello x Aritaur Bohemia DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Sandra Bl D Bentley Helisio 0:0 (0)      
Phil and Sarah Bl D Mr Boo Amoreux        
Arthur Bl D Zorron Louis de Sacy        
David Bl D Louis Lanson Black Label        
Charles Bl D Tommy Charles de Gaulle        
Holly Bl D Otto Bonaparte        
Vernon Bl D Dexter Charlemagne        
Vicky Bl D Red French Connection        
Karl Bl D Diego Regardez        
John & Susan Bl B Pippa Flambeaux        
Josephine Bl B Phoebe Flamour Perle        
Bryony Bl B Pyria French Kiss        
Ijeoma Bl B Madame Mechant        
Annie Le Bl B Diva Lalique        
I x 7   14.02.13 Ch Mitto del Nasi x Aritaur Tarantella DOD Age Died Cause of Death  
Tim Bl D Heiser Integrale May-14 *12 wks Obstruction            
Chris & Andy Br D Mitto Illustrious Mar-14 *1 Alabama Rot            
Karen & Gary Br D Vegas Inglorious at Jagelka        
Claire Br B Olivia In Flagrante        
Dawn & Paul Bl B Breeze Insolence        
Tom & Sherri Bl B Dotty Intuition        
Lynn Bl B Vida Infinity        
L x 7   28.02.14 Ch Aritaur Cardinal Red x Aritaur Tarantella DOD Age Died Cause of Death      
Jo G Br D Alfie Lust for Life   Clear BP    
Melanie H Bl D Hugo Louie Louie   Clear BP    
Dean & Sammi Bl D Gatsby Long Good Friday   Clear BP    
Deborah & Jonathan Br B Henna Libertine   Clear BP    
Natalie Bl B   Love at First Feel May-14 *11 weeks Infection     Clear BP      
Us Bl B Friday Love You Long Time   Clear BP    
Nicky W Bl B Wicked Lupe Lamora   Clear BP    
  Clear BP    
290 registered Aritaur puppies        
82 co-bred        
208 home bred Aritaurs