With very great sadness Honey died in 2011 whilst 7 weeks in pup from auto-immune haemolytic anaemia. We have no idea why it happened - and so suddenly. She ate her breakfast as usual, seemed out of sorts by lunchtime and despite our vet's best efforts and blood transfusions from Jagger, Honey was dead by teatime.

Honey's first litter of 12 puppieswas in November 2010- to Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3, ZTP V1A.

Click HERE for her son Ch Aritaur Cardinal Red 'Hugo'.


Honey's first show –
1st Minor Puppy Bitch &
Best Puppy Bitch
Birmingham Dobe Ch Show
October 2008
Judge Ann Arch


Photo at 7 months - David Knowles, Calidorian

Critique from Ann Arch. - MPB Horgan's Leibwache Honey Hustler to Aritaur.
"Sweet brown baby of just 6 months, took my eye, stood our for her lovely type & overall balance, good head proportions, correct neck into excellently proportioned & placed shoulders & then down to good feet, pleasing body proportions with strong loin, pleasing rear with super stifle & strong hock, moved soundly and so true. When told later that this was her first show found it hard to believe. BPB. Sadly when this award was given the ringside erupted with cheering and applause and this unsettled her to the extent that when it came to BPIS judging she was very on edge and apprehensive, don't want another dog but would happily have taken her home."

What a lovely way to start her show career at her first show from the respected Ann Arch. Also under Ann Arch at this show, the bitch CC winner was out of Ned Ch Aritaur Dolce Vita, and Aritaur Tarantella won the RCC.

Honey was bred by Dianne & Pete Burree and came to live with us at home in April 08. She is a repeat mating of the beautiful Leibwache Sunset Stripper which prompted me to consider a puppy when Dianne repeated the mating - if she was brown, and if she was as good as Ruby!

The whole litter were beautiful - click HERE to see them all and there are two other boys - Richard and Lisa Kirk's L. Jesse James and Gary & Mandy Mackintosh White's Leibwache Mad Hatter who won his first CC & BOB in 2009 from Kathy Boncey - when his elder sister Ch. Leibwache Sunset Stripper won the BCC. At Birmingham Dobe Club show, five out of the 6 class placings were Falk progeny, including the two boys.

As usual, Di raised a superb litter from Leia. Honey was lovely to live with - very funny with a beautiful kind character and adorable! She was very much Honey by name, Honey by nature, but she still had the Dobe character when guarding, and would boldly stand out in front of me to ward off any possible danger.


No Aritaur dog lives in a cage, and the dogs are in the fields usually digging craters to try and get moles.

L - Honey hadn't caught a rabbit; it's just a lump of mud and grass, but it made a great trophy, and she managed to convince the others that it was really worth chasing her for!

          Enjoying early show training at home.

        19 weeks      
Baby Honey at the local terrier fair in Derbyshire.
    11.5 weeks
  Di sent me this picture of Honey before we had decided to have her. Clever Di ! She was impossible to resist!  
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