ARITAUR MIDNIGHT RAVE 1 RCC, - 12 on boxing day 2009

Khaneve Rage n' Honour X Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur ~ DOB 26.12.97

From our first litter in Dec 97. Caius (left) and Kenya below HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAIUS ON BOXING DAY 2009.

We lost Java (Flip Fantasia) in April 06, and Kenya (Sweetest Taboo) in January 09. Caius is still going - not quite so strong anymore and very cross he can't come out alongside me on the bike anymore - he could keep up for a little while, but would ache too much all over in the evening.


ARITAUR MIDNIGHT RAVE - Caius won a great deal as a youngster and at 14 months won a RCC (giving him his stud book number for life). In the senior classes he had some occasional wins, however, at 27", he was dwarfed by most of the winners of the day (our Bel imp bitch sits above him see below) - although 27" is the UK ideal in the breed standard, very few win much at that height. He had super strong movement and for a little guy he can really move! Photo above taken at 6 yrs
Caius has a strong character and is a very funny guy to live with.
Caius was Cardio tested free of DCM
(Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and any other heart disease March 2006. We stopped testing him after that as he would have found being on the table a bit too much, and we had no indication he had any problem with his heart - which we seem thankfully proven right about.

Caius produced a Champion daughter out of Chaanrose Let 'Em Talk ~
Champion Chaanrose Kiss Don't Tell.


ARITAUR FLIP FANTASIA JW With great misery and a very heavy heart today - 26th April 06, I’m sad to tell everyone who knew her, that Java (aka Aritaur Flip Fantasia) was put to sleep last night. On Saturday she began feeling ill and we thought she had a urinary tract infection, but last night our vet discovered that she had a liver tumour which was untreatable. She was in too much pain to continue.

Java was our first born from Juno. She was perfect - exactly what I’d hoped for – a little brown girl, and the only brown girl in the litter. At her second Champ show (Windsor 98) she won 1st in her class – a big class back then. Java and I competed against Martin with Java’s brother Caius. Java won BPIS at the Dobe Club, and Caius won BPIS at the SEEDC. We used to love competing with them against each other.

We went on to do lots of winning together –  Java won her JW at 14 months, and a CC at Bath shortly after her first litter, very kindly handled by Sue Mycroft, and she won a RCC the following year at Bath with Martin and a Best In Show with me at Stroud in December 2000.

When my back got bad, Java used to love to pick things up for me and with great enthusiasm brought my slippers to me every morning, although when she didn’t concentrate, she’d bring one slipper and a boot. We called her Ja Ja Binks, because she looked like the creature in Star Wars when she flew her ears back.

Java lived life to the max. Never a couch potato, she was always on the go. She was a great carer – always wanting to wash someone’s ears. From a show producing point of view, she had a litter to Drusus producing Aritaur Electra at Heathwaen, and our Bouschka who hated showing but is a superb worker. Her ‘F’ litter to Russia gave us From Russia with Love, Full Monty, and Fuzzy Love all of whom have done very well.

For those who didn’t see her shown, Java’s movement was outstanding. She flipped her pasterns very slightly, but did you ever see such balance, reach and drive!! – she took some keeping up with. I loved her total passion for showing, her great freestanding, the slightly crazed look in her eyes for the bait in the ring, and the way she always humped my leg madly in front of everyone when the clapping started.

We had extra time with Java after the removal last year, and a month ago, of some aggressive mammary sarcomas, not that she let that show in any way. Treasure every single day, every single moment with your loved ones. You never know when they’ll be taken away from you. I miss her desperately already. It’s too soon and I honestly can’t believe she’s not here. It’s so sudden.

Thank you for the fun you gave me Java. You gave me so many laughs. I know they have loads of sausage where you’re off to. I’ll bring you some extra cheese when I catch up with you. God Bless you Binks, from Mummy & Daddy

Java qualified for the Dobermann Classic 2002 ~ a competition of the top Dobermanns in the UK. She qualified for Crufts for life with her stud book number from her JW and CC/RCC, and was very rarely out of the first 3 places in Open Bitch at Champ shows.
Java won BEST IN SHOW at Stroud & District Canine Society in December 2000, from Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter.
At Bath 2001 she won her first CC shown by Mrs Sue Mycroft under Breed Specialist Mrs Ann Gibbons. Her 1/2 sister Riva ~ out of the same dam, also won the RCC from the same judge handled by co-breeder Martin Horgan that day, later going on to become a Champion. A lucky show for Java, as she won the RCC at Bath the following year under Top All 'Round Judge ~ Mrs Joyce Mann, 12 weeks after her puppies were born. Java qualified for the Dobermann Classic 2002 ~ a competition of the top Dobermanns in the UK.

Java had 3 litters, and has given us some lovely progeny to take into the future. From her first litter to Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall, (son of Int Ch Gino Gomez del Citone) one daughter our Bouschka, is our most adored and loyal companion. She hated showing but came into her own for 'chief security dog' at Cotton College! A true protector and a real credit to the breed.

Nicky Warren's Riot, is regularly used in in TV and BAFTA award winning films! Her best part is the TV Bakers Ad on You Tube - see front page links! Riot, Chaos and two other Aritaur bitches were used in the TV programme Merlin by Nicky.

Java had her second litter in Nov 2002, by Korifey iz Zoosfery. Click HERE for puppy details and pictures. Puppies shown from that litter were: From Russia With Love (m) 'Checa' who won Best Puppy In Show at The Welsh Dobermann Club, Fuzzy Love with Ceebee 'Daphne' who gained her stud book number in 2005, Full Monty who had many top wins before moving too far from us to logistically show him for owner Phil. For Your Eyes Only 'Gucci', who qualified at 6 mths at the Dobermann Club Ch show and won BPIB at Windsor, . Falko gained his KC Good Citizen Bronze at just 19 weeks, and is the youngest UK Dobermann to gain his KC Silver at 6.5 months, and his KC Gold at 9 months. For photos of this litter click HERE

Java - VWd Carrier, Cardio tested free of DCM and any other heart
disease as at Jan 2005 and PHPV (eye tested) clear.

L-R Kenya, Caius and Luba (Ken-Ti's Babalouba, our Bel imp), April 06
My favourite photo of Miss Kenya Batty! Miss you each day.

Despite Kenya's poor start in life - re-homed from her first owners with a very devious woman resulting in us having to hire a private investigator to get her back, Kenya came back to us at 1 year old and after a few months recuperation, I took her out to start agility training to give her more confidence. She was a real whizz at agility although we never competed to any serious level.

Kenya had a bark to wake the dead! A piercing hound of the Baskervilles blood curdling type scream. I don't miss that making me jump out of my skin when the alarms go off, but I do miss her very funny ways. She gave the greatest of cuddles - not moving for hours. Kenya and Java are creating havoc in the sky but as always, being very respectful to their mum Juno. Kenya had a mammary lump removed two and a half years before she died so we were happy to spend every day as a bonus with her and it never stopped being so.

She became gradually quite slow over a couple of months until the diagnosis was made of a probable kidney tumour. We chose not to put her through an operation - it was probably too terminal for that anyway. She was put to sleep very peacefully by our wonderful vet and died at home in our arms on her favourite end of the couch and her little casket is back home with us all.

Kenya starting retrieve and presentation obedience at 14 months.
I love you to bits super special girl Java Binks and Miss Kenya Batty. Take care of your wonderful mum until I get up there to take you all out walking again.
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