Dobermann Rehoming Association ~ Chris Omar ~Telephone 01276-855326. This organisation helps unwanted Dobermanns find new and loving homes. Rescue dogs can make wonderful companions and many dogs end up in rescue through no fault of their own. Many of the dogs in rescue have known histories, and may be quite suitable for homes with children on the advice of the experienced re-homer. Please consider a dog in need if you can.

Dobermann Rescue UK: Home Page

Dobermann Welfare UK: Home Page


Canine Hip Dysplasia

Denes supplements and food

Pet Remedies A range of natural dog products and remedies

Facts about Spaying/Neutering

Facts about Processed Food

White Dobermann site, informative site on the health and behaviour of white so called 'Dobermanns'.

The Kennel Club (UK)
Can provide lists of breeders with available puppies and advice on breed clubs. NB This does not exclude 'business breeders', so please check thoroughly. Do not always expect to see both sire and dam at the same residence (this may mean the breeder is using their own dog 'on the cheap' to save on stud fees. At least some health testing should be done, and all puppies should be confident, clean and happy. Do not expect to get a puppy 'off the shelf' you should expect to wait although you may be fortunate to find a puppy available perhaps due to a cancelled booking. If puppy is over 8 weeks, the breeder should have had the puppy's first vaccination done. Tel: 0870-6066750 for the KC, or click on above address.


BIPDT - British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

Volhard Character Testing Assessment Programme, Training suggestions, discussion group




  Portraits Superb pencil portraits by Julie Ann Rhodes. We are so impressed with the quality and pricing - our 16" X 12" was £75.00, and took just over 1 week. Julie captures the eye's of the animal perfectly - a quality which makes the picture come to life. Below ~ Aritaur Dominatrix from an original photograph by Darren Young, who changed the original image to show Asia cropped.    

Perfect Day Photos Amazing professional photographs from animal photography specialist Dean Sawyer. Many photos on our site are from Dean who finds complimentary setting backdrops for his work.

Darren Young Freelance Canine Photography Professional photographs of your dog from a photographer who understands the requirements of canine exhibitors and the value of presentations on complimentary backdrops. The picture of Asia (cropped) on our front page was done by Darren taking a photo of her with ears down, and superimposing cropped ears. One of our favourites.


Dobermann Review - International breed reference site - forums/photos/histories/shows

Dobermann website, emphasis on working Dobermanns. comprehensive information on Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Heart disease) - 3rd biggest cause of death of Dobermanns in the UK.


Belgium - Ramonburgs (behind our European breeding)

Belgium - Ken-Ti's (behind our European breeding)

Belgium - Van de Donken (behind our European breeding)

Canada - Holmrun

Finland - Alpha Nordic

France - Keyala

France - Gaindyke

Holland - Lunascura (sometimes Ireland)

Italy - Del Rio Bianco

Norway - Ravenclaws

Russia - Irinland

Slovenia - Betelges

USA - Marienburg (behind our European/American breeding)


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