We breed for brains, health and beauty and place dogs in homes where they can excel in mind and body to fulfil their maximum potential. There are few better homes for our dogs than with Nicky Warren from Southampton. In a discipline known as being dominated by the 'black & whites' (collies), and with entries over 300 dogs, Nicky leads the agility board for Dobermanns with her Aritaur dogs.

Nicky's dogs are also used in many films adverts including: the 'Yellow Pages' advert with actor James Nesbitt, the short film 'My Wrongs' which won a mini BAFTA, the Bakers 'Heist' advert, and 'Stormbreaker'' which featured Nicky's and Chrissie's four Aritaur dogs. Nicky also provided five Aritaur Dobermanns for the TV series Merlin. The agencies don't use any other Dobermann owner/trainers.

We are very proud that Nicky values Aritaur breeding and we love her training ability - Nicky is a talented and considerate trainer whose dogs always come first.

DOB 21.03.01
Drusus vom Adlercrest at Heimdall (Imp) x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo

Right, Riot at 5.

21.03.11 "Hi, Well its Riot's bithday today 10 yrs well all I can say is doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!!! She is still up for any thing you ask of her. Her big brown eyes say it all and there no signs of old age there. Her hearing not as good as it used to be - if she's looking the other way and concentrating on some thing like her Kong etc, you have to really shout to get her attention. She has hardly any grey hairs but her legs are a bit weak now, so she knows to wait for me to help her as in jumping up into van, yet she still runs about like a pup.

She is my everything we have done so much together in Agility and she is a wonderful film dog - she has as you said, hung up her boots in Agility, but she still a real Diva in film work and in my pack of Flea Pits she is everyones friend. This morning she played with Chaos they were like Kung Foo Dobermanns and it's because of her that I have a pack of your fantastic Aritaurs, and Chris/Moira etc have their Aritaurs. The bottom line is this is all down to you and Martin so as always I can't thank you enough. Lots of love Nicky and Flea Pits x

On the set of Stormbreaker - the 3 black Dobes are all Aritaur dogs, and the brown is Nicky's rescue boy. Chrissie Bynam owns 'Daphne' (Aritaur Fuzzy Love for Ceebee) and Nicky owns Riot & Chaos.
ARITAUR alabama
DOB 03.01.2011
Int, Multi, Hung Ch Tom Dober Hagi x Aritaur Kalina
DOB 29.09.04
Vonedstram Kwinto BH x Aritaur Equinox
Jan 11 collecting their new puppies - Moira (L) with her Falk x Tess puppy 'Ziva', and Nicky with 'Rave'
DOB 20.02.06 - 03.01.11
Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba


April 11... "Hi I think I will have to write a book 'The Adventures Of Rave'! On Monday I took Rave up to the woods before leaving the kennels for the day. She's running around like Bambi on Acid when she starts barking in a bush then jumping back and forth - then she grabs a hold of something that is making a dreadful noise and I can't believe my eyes - she has got hold of a bloody great big, huge blue PEACOCK (yes that's right, a peacock! A male one with a huge tail making the thing about 7' long)!! I call her off it which she responded because I think she was getting scareed of it, then it ran so fast Rave thought this looked like a good game and chased it over the woods. On Wed she had her first photo shoot and I had to be in East London for 8.30pm - it finished at 1am. It's to do with very nice clothes worn by lovely models (men and women). We also had Riot, Chaos, Daphne, so all Aritaurs. They also brought in a very small male dobe of unkown breeding that is a security dog, so the five of them had to sit behind a model and then just recall to me. They were all very good and I was so proud of Rave. It was outside on the docks with loads of lighting and flash lights, loads of people and she just did every think I asked. She was loving every minute - I love her to bits!!!!!! So I wonder what Rave's next adventure will be?"

December 10... "Hi, Well Rave was my hero and I'm not kidding as I think tonight something awful could have happened! I walk Rave by herself as much as I can as to get a good relationship with her, and also at night she is so excited with the others around her, she doesn't look where she's going and I'm scared she will run in to a tree as she looks over her shoulder to see what the others are doing! Anyhow as always I was walking in Broadlands Woods (tresspassing) which is a stones throw from kennels, and I was about 10 mins into the walk - it's very dark tonight.

Rave was shooting through the woods in front of me, I was on my phone reminding Chris we were going out on Monday as Rave came towards me in her mad way but she shot passed me barking! As I turn I could just make out a man standing only about 8' behind me!! She was leaping at him snapping and barking - I managed to get hold of her and she was still barking and snapping - he just stood looking at me which was very scary as a normal person would have shouted at me for the dog leaping and barking at them! I shouted at him to go back the other way or I'd let the dog go (I was now bluffing)! He then turned and ran back in to the woods! When I realised what had just gone on, I was a bit shaken as I realised he had followed me for about 4 or 5 mins as I was on a path where there a lot of brambles so he couldn't cut through anywhere !!

The thought of not knowing someone was following me like that, and why, is not good!!! Rave who is so friendly and I'm always worried she might knock someone over being so friendly when I'm out with her, was totally amazing and I feel she saved me from some thing bad tonight! I'm so proud of her!! and when I go up woods tomorrow night Chaos will be going with us - so thank you for this totally amazing puppy!

Love Nicky and the Flea Pits x"

Feb 11 ...."Hi will try and get you a video of Rave doing agility she is well good she is like Bambi crossed with a rhino on Acid !!!! She like a storm trooper going over the A-frame and she so balanced on her jumping. She goes across the dog walk like her ass is on fire! The object is to get the contact point on the way up which is no sweat for her, but to stop on the other end - sometimes it's a little hard - she gets the contact and tries to stop but she sometimes slides off the end. On the odd occasion has had to bail off she lands perfectly - most dogs would be frightened but she just puts herself back over it not phased at all - she's marvellous !!! and she's like a rat down a pipe when she does the tunnel! She slam the sea-saw down so hard I'm suprised she hasn't broken it!! Just teaching her weave poles now had to the old fasion method as all the different types of training methods just like all my others they just bash them over! she is everything I want and more - THANKS FOR THIS SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL !!!!!"

Aggro was Nicky's super star and she described her working attitude as second to none. Aggro tragically died from a gastric torsion on 3rd January 11, leaving Nicky desolate to have lost a great friend.
Aggro, was meant to be staying here, but recovering from a second back op', I realised I couldn't give this little ball of energy, what she needed, so I rang Nicky and managed to say....brown puppy, on fire for training... before Nicky said 'I'll have her'! I never regretted the decision, as they were made for each other.
    It's no wonder we love to home our dogs with Nicky - what a great life for them!  
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