'Riva' 3CC's, 4RCC's, 3 BOB's, 2 Group 3's

Ch Miendy's Soba Up JW x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur


The judges who found Riva worthy of becoming a Champion were Andrew Brace, Sigurd Wilberg & Ellis Hulme. Many thanks to these three top respected judges.

"Took me by storm as soon as she entered the ring, has all the attributes of a great Dobermann, lovely forechest without being overdone, outline is perfect, strong quarters, drives around the ring like a machine. One of the best heads on the day. Tough decision for BOB... If anyone knows a good Dobermann, Rodi Hubenthal does . He has had more good ones than most". S. Wilberg

Sincere thanks to Judge Sigurd Wilberg for the CC & BOB, followed by Group 3 from Judge Rodi Hubenthal, at 3 Counties Ch Show.

Thank you to the lady judges who gave Riva Reserve CC's ~ Pat Robinson, Ann Gibbons, D. Sowden, Mary Barton

Riva at home with us by Dean Sawyer
After Riva was diagnosed with pregnancy induced diabetes, we hoped the condition would go as it normally does in pregant women, but it didn't, and Riva developed cataracts leaving her sight impaired. We didn't have her cataracts removed because as the opthalmologist advised, they could grow back soon afterwards. Riva wasn't unhappy at all with her condition, and she charged around the Cotton fields as ably as any fully sighted dog. She loved cooling off in summer in the rock pool in the fields where we would frequently find her between digs. Riva's condition was diagnosed on her last pregnancy as confirmed by her vet, not her first. Another snake tongued woman said we would move her on when we stopped breeding from her. There are some crazy people out there - most of them in the show world!
Click on image below for vets letter
Riva out in the field age 8. Getting her in was a challenge, but after three hours we really had to call time on it! At least we could keep an eye on her from the house, but sometimes needed the binoculars if she goes over the stream. She had a great life and was exceptionally fit putting some of the younger ones to shame with her energy.

A wash in the rock pool

The reason we had to finally get Riva in from the fields :-)..................

Riva (Ch Miendy's Soba Up x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur) was mated to our Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 ZTP V1A (Int, Multi & Russian Champion Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai x Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix) and puppies were born on 20/02/04. Marcia Rinaldi who owned Levi, was really touched and pleased to see Levi's grand-daughter Kalina, in 2009 after Windsor show, before Marcia moved to the US.

Riva's beautiful daughter Kalina won her first CC from Judge Mike Mullan at Northern Ireland Dobe Club aged 18 months, and her second CC from Trevor Simmons at East of England 2007. She combines bloodlines from the UK, Italy, America, Russia and Belgium with the best attributes of the breed from many countries worldwide - the angulation of the British, the substance of the Europeans', the heads of the Italians' and the elegance of the Americans'.

In Feb 06, we repeated the mating between Riva & Histabraq, and produced 2 beautiful bitches; 1 black - 'Possession' owned by Lynne Holmes & Martin Horgan a lovely brown bitch 'Aggie' owned by Nicky Warren who excels at agility, and 3 black males. Click HERE for details.We were planning to show Riva occasionally in the breed ring and in Champion Stakes if we had managed to smarten her up from the mud after mole hunting in the fields all day, but she was very happy running around the fields outside the house for most of the day, and really didn't miss the big ring as she got plenty of treats at home instead.

Riva DCM Clear 27.12.06
Baby K litter
Aritaur Kalibre & Aritaur Kalina (20/02/05)
(Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba)

baby P litter
  Owned and worked by Nicky Warren          
Aritaur Pandora (20/02/06)
(Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 ZTP V1A x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba)
Aritaur Possession (20/02/06)
(Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 ZTP V1A x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba)

Riva had her last (3rd) litter to Aritaur Nominator and had an lovely litter of puppies in February 2007.

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