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Lux Ch AritaurHistabraq SchH3 x Knecht Metz - Bred by Andy McPherson & Robert Downie

Tess is a daughter of our Bracco to the lovely Olga (who is out of the 2005 Crufts BOB Winner Ace vh ter Eeckhout), and she has one of the nicest and most stable characters possible. Too sweet to be a dog for guarding, Tess is never happier than when surrounded by people and children - usually sitting on them so she can be really close. She is excellent with other dogs and adores any puppies who she takes under her wing like a mother hen and clucks at all the other dogs to stay away from 'her' pups. Always making us laugh, and never able to stand still for a second. Tess enjoys tracking (although she hasn't great concentration before she starts wagging her entire back end).

HEALTH - Tess is Hip scored 5:4, VWd Clear and PHPV Clear. Thank you to Robert & Andy for using Bracco and allowing us to have Tess. She is an absolute joy.


Feedback from new owners is excellent, thank you everyone, and we repeated the between Nominator and Tess in Dec 2009.

In June 2011, Tess had her third and final litter. The sire is our young dog Aritaur Philosophy. Her daughter Aritaur Enchante is owned by Elaine Long who is enjoying some success in the show-ring.

Tess on the dog's garden table. Far too posh to eat on the floor!

We start our pups for early training in prey drive for a piece of hessian cloth then a baby bite roll. We allow them to work a little for it then they win the toy. They work in prey drive, not defence, and begin to understand that the game is best when it is with their human, so they learn to bring it back for more games.

Meanwhile Jay will have done the technical training of sit, down and stand etc routines, (with no compulsion or hands on except to gently stroke and calmly praise) for treats.

After quite some time of this play, and once the puppy understands the basic position commands, Martin will work them in prey for the toy and drop a quick command in - ie of sit then later down etc. The response speed is much faster than it is for food treats.

All training is done through fun and play and not compulsion. This significantly enhances the bond with owner and dog and makes for a great working relationship, such as that which Martin has with Tess's father - Bracco who gained the highest grade of Schutzhund 3 possible in the UK.

Tess's favourite game was escaping through the gate (subsequently chicken wired), and either wandering off down the field to play in the stream, or to sit outside on the rocks and tease the other dogs who were too big to squeeze through the gate!
Retrieved from her travels by Martin
Baby Lumpy! We have no idea how, but one day Tess came back from her outing - having squeezed through the gate to take herself out into the fields, with a big lump on her head. It was on top of the occiput (the pterodactyl type lump) already large on top of the head during the growing phase, so looked even worse than normal. It took a couple of months to go, but didn't seem to cause her any discomfort. It's one of her best photos!
8 weeks
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