In The Beginning by Han vd Zwan

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you find any on the internet, buy it immediately. If you have a book you want to sell, let me know as I may know someone wanting to buy a copy.

This book on the history of the Dobermann, originally published in 1995 and updated in 1999, is a 496 page reference book containing detailed description and picture of every influential Dobermann since references began on the origin of the breed. It traces the origins of the breed with some original photographs of the founders of the breed.

It is a bible for anyone interested in tracing their dogs pedigree back to some of the best dogs in the World. +44 (0)1538 703072

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Dog Training for Dummies ~ don't be misled by the title, or think you are 'above' a book 'for dummies'! It makes perfect sense of why and how good training methods work. Explaining drives and how to identify your dogs' requirements and how to use drives to motivate and train your dog. Not all dogs think the same, so why train them all in the same way? This book will change your ability to train a dog.
By Jack & Wendy Volhard

The World of Dobermanns - available from - - a worldwide guide to the Dobermann today with plenty of top quality images and text from correspondents around the world. Copies may be available from Jay Kershaw - UK correspondent - 01538 703072 SOLD OUT from us directly, but worth ordering via the publishers BB Press - link above.

Animals In Translation - Temple Grandin ~ simply the most outstanding book on animal behaviour written by an autistic woman who is employed by the US government to monitor animal welfare standards in farming. The first episode of the new Horizon 2006 series featured Temple Grandin's work.

The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog ~ some bits might be a bit 'kooky' for 'grounded' readers - ie the parts on kinesiology, but this book details how to read commercial dog food labels, preparing the 'natural diet', supplements and what they're about, vaccinations and lab tests.
By Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown DVM Published by Howell. IRO £14.99

Dog Breeding, The Theory & The Practice ~ Frank Jackson Published by Crowood Press.

Dog Tricks for Dummies ~ a bit film work oriented, but full of different ideas on how to motivate and keep your dog's mind interested - invaluable for the absorbent mind of a Dobermann puppy. Nothing like mental stimulation for tiring them out.

The Dogs Mind - Bruce Fogle DVM, MRCVS - Mandatory reading for anyone who keeps a dog or has intentions of so doing. Details the emotional makeup of dogs; why they suffer from stress and how it can be overcome.

Cesar Millan - One of the most intuitive, no nonsense

Manstopper by Joel McMains. Not an aggressive/full on book as the title suggests, but anyone thinking about training a personal protection dog will be put off as much as possible by the writer! Not a casual hobby - only for very serious dog owners. The writers' insight into canine behaviour is outstanding and moving. He truly loves dogs (and unusully for a working man - loves Dobermanns) and his insight into canine behaviour is outstanding and moving. His training is subtle and gentle - an eye opener of a book. A very intuitive handler and trainer.

If you have a book you would like to recommend others read, please email me and I will add it to the list with your recommendation.

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