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If you are thinking of giving up your dog, that there is no single national Dobe rescue home with pretty flower tubs outside every kennel with happy Dobes playing in the sunshine. Breed rescue organisations are usually individuals or small groups of dedicated people who give up their free time to help re-home unwanted Dobermanns. They use local kennels at normal cost and these are standard concrete kennels full of stressed, unhappy dogs who have been abandoned often for no good reason.

If you are able to offer a home to a Dobermann in need of love and a warm fire, please contact any of these great organisations.

Updated 18/12/14
All these societies will re-home nationally.

Dobermann Rehoming Association Surrey and National - Chris Omar, 01276 855326


FOND (Friends of Northern Dobermanns) - Scotland/North/Nat -Pam Hall 01346 532227

Chancepixies Animal Rescue Dave & Heidi Anderson - Dover
Dobermann Trust Yorkshire, re-home nationally - Julie West
Dobermann Welfare UK Sue Garner South East/Middlesex/National
Dobermanns In Need Greater London and South East England. Val McDonald & Mark Durrant 01243 542545
Thank you to everyone who enquired about Mali and Holly who have each found wonderful homes with existing Aritaur owners and are thriving in their new environments.

Fortunately, there is a great network of Dobe people who work tirelessly to ensure Dobermanns regardless of the breeder, are taken care of. You do not need to have a 'perfect' home. You need a good heart, a steady environment, some experience depending on the dog to be matched with you, lots of energy and be home at least part of the day.

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