activities AND SPORT with your dobermann

One reason many people don't train or work their dogs is because they often don't know what there is to do. Most training clubs offer the endless dull obedience routines with fractious young dogs and fed up owners! Some competition clubs prefer GSD's or Collies (Schutzhund and agility respectively). However, if you can get past stereotypes and prove you are keen and competent, there are plenty of options available for training from basic to competition standard obedience, agility, tracking, flyball, Schutzhund, Working Trials, Endurance Tests, Cani-X, Heelwork to Music etc.

In any discipline owners must be dedicated, persistent, have a good basic grasp of dog training and behaviour, be willing to put back into the clubs and know that Dobermanns can excel in every field open to them. Aritaur dogs and their progeny are involved in many different areas of sport.


A well trained dog is the basis to any activity. The Kennel Club and the BIPDT who formed the scheme which the KC use, offer basic to medium advanced schemes through many local dog clubs. The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is an excellent way to learn and become involved with training your dog.

Aritaur Lohengrin 'Kane' KC Good Citizen Gold

Owned by Michele & Family Barley who had previously lost their bitch Brandy from another breeder who didn't test for the disease to DCM.

Kane's trainers were so pleased with Kane and his achievements and said that he was one of the most stable Dobes they had ever met. Well done all for giving the breed a good name.


Ch Aritaur Heracles at Brintala x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo
Everyone knows Nicky Warren and her fabulous Aritaur agility dogs. Nicky is in high demand for film work, listing the lead on the Dobermanns in Merlin, Bakers Complete, Yellow Pages (with James Nesbitt), and Renault among many other programmes and films she has worked on. Dobes are excellent for agility work as they enjoy speed training and respond brilliantly to fast command delivery. Nicky has 3 Aritaur dogs in full time competition, and is soon to be joined by a fourth as very sadly it is time for Riot to hang her boots up.

Drusus vom Adlercrest at Heimdall (Imp) X Aritaur Sweetest Taboo
Riot is owned by Nicky Warren. Riot now at 8.5 yrs old, (above) is one of the top UK Dobermanns competing in agility against the Collies. She regularly brings in higher scores than theirs. Riot has the perfect build for agility.


Updating info tomorrow - waiting for scores


Updating info tomorrow - waiting for scores


Claire Sheridan with Tunya (Histabraq x Mirdale Miss Christy)
competes in Cani-X. Claire wrote 'we came 7th at the last Cani-X of the season (after a week of no training and far too much red wine!) Rain was torrential at Cheltenham but stopped just long enough for the racing!

Finished the season (after only 2 races) 16th out of 97!"


Lisa & Richard with Riot (Leibwache Jesse James) have done a bit of showing, a good amount of obedience and have recently discovered that Riot is a whizz at Flyball.


Aritaur Lionheart 'Tuco' (Ch Aritaur Heracles at Brintala x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo) is owned by Janice & Brian Gibbons. Tuco did some showing and qualified for Crufts, but Janice's first enjoyment is heelwork to music with Tuco and they have represented her club at a large country music barn dance do! We're looking for some photos from Janice - I remember one from her early days with a small drum and a Fez type hat - Janice is probably quite glad we've lost that picture - who doesn't have some howlers in their photo box - remember the 80's!

Janice & Tuco recently competed in her first Special Pre-Beginners Class with a result of 9 out of 27. Excellent Janice - we're really pleased to see you out there enjoying different activities with Tuco and showing that Dobes have the ability to enjoy a variety of different exercises with their dogs!

Ralph Boston's Aritaur Natrix with the AD - Endurance award - will write more information here shortly.

We work our dogs and encourage everyone to do something, even if it's just basic obedience with their dogs as this is such a mentally active breed. Dobes were not bred to be brain dead couch potatoes, but just because they have the ability to work doesn't mean they can't live happily in the house with children.

There are some very silly comments from ill informed poeple saying things like 'European dogs are sharper than UK dogs', and myths about Schutzhund in that the dogs are dangerous/shouldn't be kept with families. This is as bad as saying - particular breeds are aggressive, and the UK has always resisted breed specific legislation. These people have undoubtedly never even been near a training field and are probably the same people who say that showdogs shouldn't be trained to sit! (Bracco is a Lux Ch, has 1 CC, sired CC & RCC winning progeny, adores children and is the highest scoring SchH3 Dobermann in the UK). His half brother is the highest scoring SchH2 UK Dobermann and also adores children. Maybe the same fools who say feeding raw meat will make dogs bloodthirsty!! There really is no hope for some people -and to think they already have Dobermanns - poor dogs!


Gunn Anita is in the Norwegian Military and trains her Dobermann in military and civilian search & rescue. With experience in training GSD's for many years, Gunn Anita maintains that the Doberman is different; they have a special personality- they always go as far as you want them to, and then they go further.

"I suppose the fact that these dogs aren`t natural herders make them more fun (and more challenging) to train- you have to co-operate with a Doberman, be a team- worker. They have a different intensity in their work, and are a lot more independent. Most GSD owners have problems with their dogs lack of independence- this has never been an issue for us.
This makes outstanding service dogs; in our work we need dogs who can "prove" us wrong- I might try to pull my dog off a track if I don`t believe it is possible that the person we look for is actually in that area. The dog must be able to say: Yes, he IS! and keep doing his job. Or I can try and call him back from a free- search when he`s got a whiff of human smell in his nose. If he then obeys, a persons life might be lost. In military work we seldom use free searches although we have "silent" dogs because of the risk of the dog getting killed".
Anita's Father also spent many years training and working with GSD's and always said 'you must have a bigger brain to train the Dobermann'.

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