WELCOME.......Aritaur was established by Martin Horgan & Jay Kershaw (ex Horgan) in Staffordshire in 1987. We are no longer married, but Martin was an equal part of Aritaur, so his name will stay here. It is now just me breeding, still in Staffordshire Moorlands.

I breed for top quality, healthy, confident, sociable and good looking dogs. I show and train my dogs in the sport of IPG/Schutzhund.

I am a KC Assured Breeder, not breeding commercially with on average one or two litters a year. I know where all the dogs we have bred are, and remain in regular contact with their owners.



Aritaur bred both the top UK Schutzhund working dog - Int Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3, ZTP V1A, and the UK bitch breed show record holder - Ch/Ir Ch Aritaur Hipnotique. Aritaur dogs are pets first and I aim to breed Dobermanns as sound in mind as in conformation and health. A beautiful dog with a weak character and poor health has never been for us.

Aritaur were the first UK Dobermann breeders ever to publish total health results for all our dogs, including good and poor results which we know of. I don't just try and fob people off with just saying 'tested'. As of December 2014, we now self publish a record of health and death of every dog we have ever bred. The only UK breeders to do so.

Jay is an international Championship Show judge in the UK and overseas, having judged the French, and Serbian National Dobermann Club Shows. I am also an Affiliate of the BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers).
Photo by Will Harris - Snap An Image
I am the author of 'Dobermanns' 'A Practical Guide', published by Crowood Press and available on Amazon or Waterstones/general online. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dobermanns-Practical-Guide-Owners-Breeders/dp/1785003089
Home is the old Headmasters House (bottom left) at a derelict monastery in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The Dobes enjoy meeting intruders!
Aritaur Dobermanns are bred for show and work, but always for companionship.

I breed sparingly, selectively and conscientiously for strong, healthy, sound dogs capable of good physical and mental stamina whilst working or showing, with trainable and steady characters. We have always predominantly used the best European lines for our breeding due to the soundness and strength of character, but are happy to use a good dog wherever it is from.

Having seen the devastating results of (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) DCM, we strongly believe in health testing BUT that does not guarantee us against health problems. Our dogs (whether bred from or not) are routinely tested for health conditions BUT we consider the whole dog in a breeding programme rather than on a single health result. Removing a dog from the gene pool due to one poor but non damaging test when he/she may have outstanding character, otherwise superb health and excellent breed type, would result in catastrophe for any breed.

Our promise to our puppies and our buyers is that we will never knowingly breed from dogs or bitches with serious genetic health problems. We will never compromise on character just to breed a good looking show dog,

Easter & Bailey Henriksen and friends in Denmark (photo by owner Katja Henrikssen)


Our Foundation bitch was the outstanding Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur born in 1996. Juno was one of the most special bitches ever born. She was loved by everyone, gave us everything and had our eternal devotion in return!

Juno was a very tightly bred daughter of Ch Holtzburg Mayhem who was the UK's Top Stud Dog All Breeds in 1995 and Top Dobermann Stud Dog 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995. He was a son of Ch Perihelias Resolution who also sired Ch Sallate Ferris the previous UK Breed Record Holder who held 42 CC's in a time when there were hundreds of dogs in the showring.

Juno's first litter was to a son of Ch Sallate Ferris, and this started our success with Aritaur Flip Fantasia JW and Aritaur Midnight Rave. Juno's second litter was to Ch Miendy's Soba Up, a dog line bred on Jowendy's, Manzart and Mayhem. From that litter we had the Champion sisters - Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba and Ch Aritaur Surprisingly Soba and five stud book numbers.

Juno's tight breeding enabled us to outcross but keep her strength and style. Under the Pet Passport scheme we were only the second UK Dobermann breeders to travel to Europe for a stud dog, and took Juno to the excellent Belgian sire German VDH Ch Ramonburg's Valdo who had been suggested to us by Brigitte Schellekens in Holland. Sired by US import Marienburg's Dark Daimler, his pedigree contained the cream of Belgian and American lines; Marienburgs, von Franckenhorst, Ramonburgs, van de Donken, and v Neerlands Stam. They formed the legacy of Aritaur.


Martin & Jay with our exceptional and beloved Juno - Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur. Photo by Dean Sawyer

In May 2001, our D litter were born.The progeny from that litter became big winners against top competition in Europe including Ned Ch, Lux, Bel Winner Aritaur Dominatrix whose first title of Europa Jugend Siegerin at Euro Dog Show Paris 2002 was from the immortal Pierluigi Pezzano (del Citone) and remains the only UK bred bitch to gain that title.

Following other major wins we mated Dominatrix to the outstanding Russian male Int, Multi & Russ Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai. The 'H' litter of 10 puppies born in February 2004, remain the most titled Dobermann litter in UK history. UK & Ir Ch Aritaur Hipnotique was the UK Bitch Breed Record Holder for show, and her brother Int, Lux Ch A. Histabraq ZTP V1A, SchH3, remains the highest ever scoring Schutzhund Dobermann in the UK. Other winning siblings were Lux, Ir & UK Ch Aritaur Heracles at Brintala; Ch Aritaur Helina; SuCh Aritaur Hermione in Sweden.

In 2005 we took Dominatrix to Int, Multi & Fr Ch F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell in Paris which gave us the 'N' litter; A. Nominator BH. Aritaur Notoriouswho became Sch3 with the second highest scores in the UK behind his uncle. Histabraq and Vincent Vega are the only two UK bred Dobermanns to gain their ZTP V1A, the top grading.

Dominatrix had her last litter in Feb 2007 the Hungarian Ch. Tom Dober Hagi (son of Tamerlan), The 'T' litter dogs are - Ch/Ir Ch Aritaur Tomahawk Marillium with both BIS & BISS wins. Aritaur Tarantella won 2 CCs, 3 RCC but retired before she could finish due to a broken toe from chasing rabbits.

Histabraq - by Dean Sawyer for Dog World breed supplement front cover

Due to the H litter success, Dominatrix became Top Brood Bitch of the Working Group 2007 and Tamerlan became the first overseas dog to become Top UK Stud Dog.

Dominatrix is the dam of 5 Champions and top winning grand-children such as Aritaur Vincent Vega who became Europa Jugend Sieger in 2009.

Dominatrix remains the only UK bred Dobermann to gain a Jugend Siegerin title from Europe.

Asia held her 12th birthday party in June 2013 celebrating her many top winning and Champion progeny descendants, and three months later in October she died naturally. Her beloved son Histabraq (Bracco) followed her aged 11.5 in February 2015.

These are our foundations. We have been blessed.

Dominatrix at 11yrs, and Bracco at nearly 9 yrs Image by Will Harris, Snap An Image November 2012

Our dogs stay with us for life and are not re-homed when they can no longer be shown, worked or bred from. Our sofas are full of our oldies. When you choose a breeder, you may find it interesting to ask where their old dogs are - if it matters to you?!

If you want just a dog just for show rather than companionship (get a life), a couch potato (get a cat), kennel or guard dog (get an alarm system) and don’t call me!



Phil Lowther's wonderful 'Moby' - Aritaur Full Monty


We are proud to have a reputation for breeding Dobermanns true to type and competing at the highest levels of Schutzhund, Obedience, Working Trials, filmwork, Agility, Cani-x.

We adamantly oppose the backward mentality of some show breeders that show dogs should not receive at least basic obedience. It grossly insults the intelligence of this breed. Click for TRAINING.

Most of our dogs are owner/handled in various disciplines with great success, and gain their top awards on merit.

If you are considering owning a Dobermann but are unsure if you are right for the breed, we have an FAQ's page. Perhaps visit a local dog show to meet the breed in an environment other than its home, and meet up to join local owners for a walk with their dogs.

I no longer show actively, but instead focus on working my dogs in the sport of IPG/IPO (Schutzhund) - tracking, obedience, protection.

All text and images Copyright Aritaur Dobermanns.