Staffordshire Moorlands,
(Near Ashbourne)

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Email: jayk@aritaur.co.uk

Contact Aritaur


Contact Aritaur

Jay Kershaw

Staffordshire Moorlands near Ashbourne and Uttoxeter

Landline: 01538 703072

Mobile: 07884 267 688 (Skype/Zoom available)
Email: jayk@aritaur.co.uk

Ideally please mail me jayk@aritaur.co.uk in the first instance as I’m always busy and usually sound totally distracted on the phone! if I don’t mail back within 48 hours, please don’t think I’m ignoring you. Please either try again or leave a phone message and I will always try and call you back. I’m getting around 5 enquiries a day at the moment. Not all are for this year and some are unsuitable, but I’ll always find time for good genuine people.  

My home in the Staffordshire Moorlands between Ashbourne & Stoke-on-Trent (1 m from Alton Towers), is in the middle of the country. If distance is your first filter priority, probably best not to call me; good luck shopping locally. 

Please remember I have to care for my own dogs first, so would really appreciate if you could phone after 10 am but before 7.30pm if possible.