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Considering a Dobe



Finding a good puppy from a quality breeder is hard these days.  There are a lot of backyard breeders, many Euro breeders and dealers who will ship or import 'no questions asked'. Docking and cropping is illegal in the UK since 2007, so please don't ask. I am very proud of my dogs and sell to good families who want a companion first regardless of what else they want to do. Happy breeder, happy owners, happy dogs.  If it your first time to the breed, I'm always happy to put you in touch with owners in your area to join them for a walk and meet the breed. 

Dobes & Children

It always gives me a warm feeling to see the Dobermann gravitate towards children, but it works both ways.  I would never inflict an unpleasant child on any dog, so if you want a dog for your family, please only bring nice children to meet us or I will assume as you haven't raised good children, you won't be able to raise a good dog!   Most Aritaur Dobermanns live with families often with young children. 


I personally feed my adults raw (meat - beef and tripe am, and chicken carcass pm). I like the condition of the dog on raw, and have never had to have dental work done on my dogs for tooth extractions or cleaning.  Equally I respect it's not for everyone, so the following page might be helpful to give you the pros and cons. Whatever you feed, quality will shine through. 


Breeders of pedigree dogs often get a very bad rap when dogs become unhealthy or die young. It is natural to want to blame someone when things go wrong, and in some cases it's justifiable, but bad health can't be eliminated in dogs any more than in humans. Heart, cancer and old age are the most common diseases and cause of death in humans and dogs.  'Testing', does not mean your dog won't develop a disease any more than testing a child for cancer means it won't get cancer later, but at least testing for known conditions means a breeder has done their best.