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Aritaur Females


Ch Aritaur Helina

(Int, Multi Russ Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai IPO2 x Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix EJSgrn) born 2004. Owned by Lynn & Les Tilley and Lynne Jones. 

Indy was handled by her co-owner Lynne Jones and won her first CC aged just 14 months from Avi Marshaak (Israel) at Bath in May 2005, her 2nd CC at NWPBA from Viv Phillips in July 2007 and her 3rd and crowning CC at SKC under breed specialist Hazel Leggett. Indy also won the CACIB at Lux Trophy Show 06 from Rob Douma


Aritaur Enchante ‘Libby’

(Aritaur Philosophy x Knecht Jezebel to Aritaur) June 2011 – August 2020.

Owned by Elaine Long, I showed Libby to 2 CC’s and BIS at the Dobermann Club. Sadly Libby was diagnosed with occult DCM when she was 4 yrs old, so was obviously not bred from.  Elaine decided not to continue showing Libby but we had a lot of fun with her in the ring and she was the best companion to Elaine who adored her. Elaine also had a son of Histabraq – called Darcy, who died at nearly 12. 

Aritaur Rhapsody ‘Chelsea’

(Int Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 x Aritaur Equinox)

Owned by Pauline Rose, Chelsea was a real force of nature from her most exceptional parents. Beautifully constructed, she wasn’t shown enough as Pauline had other commitments, but always up in the top cards and could have been an easy champion – in all but name.

Aritaur Hastra Kastra ‘Ella’

(Int, Multi Russ Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai IPO2 x Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix EJSgrn) born 2004
Owned by Sally Hibbert, Ella had two litters and was the dam of Europa Jugend Sieger Aritaur Vincent Vega from her litter by Aritaur Nominator.

Aritaur Unique

(Aritaur Nominator x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba JW).

Mara was owned initially by Dorothy Tomlinson, then later by her friend Heather Bradley. Mara was the first undocked Dobermann to qualify for Crufts, and enjoyed a brilliant time showing into veteran often handled by our great friend Karen Ward.  

Ned, Lux Ch Aritaur Dolce Vita ‘Jovi’

(Ger VDH Ch Ramonburg’s Valdo x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur)
Owned by Malcolm & Marianne Smith

Jovi was shown by owner Malcolm to her many wins in the UK and overseas.

Jovi had a beautiful character and was a super winner and producer being the dam of the BOB Crufts 2009.

Ch Aritaur Surprisingly Soba ‘Honey’ 

(Ch Miendy’s Soba Up JW x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur).

Honey was owned by Lynne & Les Tilley and Marcia Rinaldi, shown always by Marcia.  Aged 6 months she won BPIB at NWPBA, and later 4CC’s, 7 RCC’s, 2 BOB 

“This bitch is as close to the ideal as you can come. I liked her last year when I gave her the Limit Class, but she did look much sharper this year and in stronger competition. She moves like a princess and stands like a statue. She has the right amount of volume and plenty of style. I was pleased to hear that she was made up at Blackpool”.

KS Wilberg – Judge at 3 Counties – 2nd CC

Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba ‘Riva’

(Ch Miendy’s Soba Up JW x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur).

Martin had shown Riva from a youngster, and she came back to us aged 3. She won 3CC’s, 4RCC’s, 3 BOB’s, and 2 Group 3’s She was a devil to live with, but what a character!  She was the dam of my beloved Kalina.

“Took me by storm as soon as she entered the ring, has all the attributes of a great Dobermann, lovely forechest without being overdone, outline is perfect, strong quarters, drives around the ring like a machine. One of the best heads on the day. Tough decision for BOB… If anyone knows a good Dobermann, Rodi Hubenthal does . He has had more good ones than most”. S. Wilberg

Aritaur Flip Fantasia JW ‘Java’ 

(Khaneve Rage n Honour x Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur. Java was owned by us from our first litter and won 1 CC, 1 RCC. 

From our first litter, Java was a superb show dog.  At just her second Ch show (Windsor 98) she won her class of 28. Java and I competed against Martin with Java’s brother Caius; these two put Aritaur on the map.

Java had 3 litters, and and her first by Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall, (son of Gino Gomez del Citone) gave our Equinox bitch. Loved every moment with Java. 

Aritaur Diamante Nero ‘Zsa Zsa’

(Ger VDH Ch Ramonburg’s Valdo x Crislea
Centrefold of Aritaur)

Owned by Pat Newey, Zsa Zsa enjoyed winning in the UK and Europe. 

Knecht Jezebel for Aritaur ‘Tess’

(Int Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 x Knecht Metz, bred by Robert Downie & Andy McPherson. Not shown but was a wonderful kind bitch to live with. Tess was an ‘earth mother’; she adored puppies and was a perfect dam.  She had 3 litters and was put to sleep aged 8 with cancer of her foreleg. She left some super progeny; in particular Aritaur Enchante 2CC’s, but also some early DCM deaths.  

Aritaur Hermione ‘Leia’

Aritaur Hermione ‘Leia’ (Int, Multi Russ Ch Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai IPO2 x Ned Ch Aritaur Dominatrix EJSgrn)

Exported to Sweden. Died due to whelping with a retained puppy aged 7. Her descendants from her litters particularly to Fedor del Nasi, had good success. 

Leibwache Honey Hustler to Aritaur ‘Honey’

(Aritaur Nominator x Khaneve Chicargo Flirt at Leibwache)
Bred by my dear friend Dianne Burree, Honey was a repeat mating of Andrea Williams Ch Leibwache Sunset Stripper, and Honey’s brother was the 2 CC winning Leibwache Mad Hatter. When bred to Histabraq, Honey produced the 10 CC winning Ch Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen, and the important brood bitch for Mike Turner – A. Celebrity at Rafthouse. 

Aritaur Electra from Heathwaen ‘Ellie’

(Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall – son of Gino Gomez del Citone) x Aritaur Flip Fantasia.

Sister of our Equinox (Bouschka) and the opposite of her in character. Ellie was confident but very kind. Owned by Mick & Eileen Matthews and handled by Eileen, she enjoyed success at many ch and open show wins. 

Aritaur Equinox ‘Bouschka’

(Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall – son of Gino Gomez del Citone) x Aritaur Flip Fantasia.

Undoubtedly the strongest bitch for character we ever had.  Although she loved us equally, she was very much my girl and I could go anywhere in the pitch black feeling totally safe having her with me. She had a great instinct about which people were safe or not. Very defensive, amazing around puppies and children, as a guardian there was no better dog. She was utterly and completely fearless and would honestly lay down her life for me. This is the type of bitch that when your friends say ‘OMG, a Dobermann around your children?!!! You reply “absolutely, because nothing is ever getting through her to my children”. That’s the true Dobermann. Absolutely not for novices.


Aritaur Alabama AW ‘Rave’

(Int, Multi Ch Tom Dober Hagi x Aritaur Kalina JW) born Jan 2011 still going very strong

Owned by Nicky Warren, Rave gained her Agility Warrant 

Aritaur Cavallo Vira ‘Riot’

 ‘Riot’ (Drusus v Adlercrest at Heimdall imp USA x Aritaur Sweetest Taboo March 01 -2015 (14.5 old age ) Owned by Nicky Warren



Aritaur Pandora ‘Aggro’

(Int Ch Aritaur Histabraq SchH3 x Ch Aritaur A Little More Soba JW) 20.02.06 – 03.01.11 (gastric torsion)

Owned by Nicky Warren, Aggro was meant to be staying here, but having just had back surgery, I realised this small brown Exocet needed more than I could give her. Like all Nicky’s dogs, Aggro had the best life a dog could have. She tragically died at just 4 from gastric torsion.