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Aritaur Risk (Frisk)

Aritaur Risk (Frisk)

(Lux Ch Sant Kreal Focus on Korifey at Supeta IPG1 x Aritaur Love You Long Time BH)
DOB 20.05.19

‘Frisk’. Coming up 2 years old this year, it’s a miracle she has made it so far. Absolutely one of my more challenging dogs, she redeems herself by being stupidly comical and very amusing. Thankfully it looks like we are at last past the interminable destructive phase, the ‘fingers up’ on recall, and the apparent inability to house train for months, there is a finally glimmer of focus onto me.

She has great ball drive and medium /high protection, and her tracking is excellent but I imagine when we do finally get back out to track with company alongside, that she might be distracted for a while. 

I plan to put a BH (basic character and obedience test to enable a dog to proceed to the next levels of trialling) on her at least this year 2021. After that I am planning to start man-trailing with her rather than IPO tracking, and we’ll see how she takes to it. I’m a great believer in finding the right sport for the dog, rather than trying to fit them into something which isn’t quite for them or me. Whatever it will be; we’ll have a lot of fun (and a lot of me tearing my hair out)  training, training, training!

 vWD Clear, Hips 5:4 (9)