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Dobes & Children


Are Dobermanns good with Children?


A…It depends on your Child!


 Like all guardian breeds Dobermanns are very protective of their families.   All guarding breeds have the same innate protective nature of their families, but , the Dobermann is the only ‘man made’ breed specifically designed to guard people rather than livestock.  When you are thinking of getting a Dobe, you may encounter family or friends who say ‘oh no! I can’t believe you’d have such a dangerous breed when you have children!’ To which you reply ‘absolutely I’m having a Dobermann because no-one is getting through the dog to get to my children!’  Remember Dobes are not aggressive, they are defensive guarders of your family.

Most of the dogs I breed go to live with families often with small good children, but in all cases with no nonsense, kind but firm parents, who expect good manners from their children and their puppy.  Dobermanns are not a snappy breed like terriers can be for instance, but like all puppies they can be mouthy which must not be allowed ever.  I ensure I teach new owners on how to stop nipping before it becomes a habit.

My book provides a lot of ideas of interactive games that children can play with the dogs to educate them rather than just running around the garden or rough-housing on the floor, so teach the children to teach the puppy/dog, and this interaction is key to the dog not becoming bored, disassociated and badly behaved.  If families lose interest in the dog once the novelty of having a puppy has worn off, it will be no surprise when the dog becomes bored and difficult and a general nuisance to have around.  You get out what you put in, so don’t treat the dog like a piece of the furniture and buy it to entertain your children.  The puppy will need as much time put into it as you do with your children.

‘Friday’s Bledig Broadsword litter in 2017. Aritaur puppies are raised in the home in a big spacious room with their own sunny yard (as you can see on the right) with privacy for the dam to be with her puppies but where they can still hear household sounds and feel part of the family. 

This is how Aritaur puppies are raised and socialised.  Tina, Neil & Family, who had one of the puppies when both Friday and Beretta had their litters together (14 puppies!) in  2019