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Aritaur Genever (Falon)

Aritaur Genever (Falon)

Bledig Broadsword x Aritaur Love You Long Time BH
DOB 14.11.17

Owned by Fay who writes:

“Falon was due to live in Ghana but at 12 weeks old events were to take a turn for her and she came to live with me, where she started live as a River Keepers dog. A River Keepers life is varied from shooting vermin to dealing with poachers or felling trees. Falon took to this life with ease. I shot over her from 6 months old which she enjoyed greatly and would love stalking the river with me the instant she heard the gun cock! As a female in this role, I would consistently come up against poachers which she never failed to deter! So much so that she was a huge contributing factor in the increase of fish in the river for the first time in 28 years! Even when there was two sets of poachers she never once backed down. Falon was my eyes and ears on the river whether it was poachers or wildlife, she walked through stock from a very earlier age and is a delight to walk out in the countryside.  Her temperament is faultless with my son, people, dogs or wildlife. I would like to thank Jay for breeding such a wonderful dog, who has now gone on to produce 9 beautiful puppies, which she loves dearly and will no doubt bring the same amount of joy and love to your family as Falon has for me, if you’re lucky enough to own an Aritaur!”

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Always watching her tribe

Because Fay lived quite close to me in the Peak District, I spent a lot of time with her, Falon, young Flynn, and my dogs. Falon is a perfect example of an Aritaur Dobermann; handled with love and care from me to Fay who Falon is totally bonded with; strong, confident bitch who guards her family fiercely.

Flynn and his guardian Falon – December 2020

Because Falon was heavily pregnant when we took these photos, we don’t have any of her standing, but she has excellent conformation so we will take more when her puppy belly has gone. 

Since retiring from keepering Falon has enjoyed an easier life with longer lie-ins on the sofa and has adapted well.

In February 2021 Falon had her first litter to Gary Booth’s superb import dog – ‘Eddie’ Eminem Sav San (Imp LVA) (Int, Multi, Bel Ch Noxx vd Donauhoeve, ZTPV1A x Int, Multi, Lva Ch Markiza Sav San ZTPV1B, IPO1).

Eddie is a mentally strong and stable dog with a superb pedigree. He trains in IPG (IPO) and his real job is as a security dog with his owner. I met ‘Eddie’ last year and knew immediately that I wanted to use him. We are very excited about the quality of this litter who are all reserved. 

Eddie is an outstanding young dog owned by Gary Booth who uses him as a security dog mostly for film set work, and who is also trained in the sport of IPG. We chose Eddie on the basis of his overall construction and style, for his good health, and mostly for his excellent strong and sound mentality. I previously recommended Eddie to two other breeders before having the chance to use him so we are all delighted to see how these puppies turn out. Thank you Gary for allowing to use your super dog.