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Aritaur Notorious SchH3 (Max)

Aritaur Notorious SchH3 ‘Max’

Int, Multi, Fr Ch FHiram Abif Royal Bell x Dutch Ch, Europa Jugend Siegerin, Bel & Lux Winner Aritaur Dominatrix
DOB 22.11.05

Aritaur have now bred the two highest scoring Dobermanns in the UK. GREAT work Tony!


Tony Sheldon’s Aritaur Nominator achieved his SchH3 under Judge Eric Roberts at South Cheshire trial on 31/03/12. Max’s tracking earned him an outstanding tracking score of 99 (one point deducted for lifting his head 2″ off the ground on the last leg). A 99 score at this level is superb. Unfortunately Max developed a urine infection or prostate problem over the weekend which affected his obedience on day two so his sits and downs were difficult for him (peeing), but still got an 86in Obedience. Protection which is usually his strongest discipline was a low 76 but Tony did say he was just working routine. Total score of 261.

We are hugely proud of Tony and Max’s achievements. Tony had never previously trained a dog in obedience or competition and he has worked tremendously hard with Max, week in week out in all weathers. Tony also trialled his Shepherd bitch for her SchH1 with another excellent score of 88/84/90 (262), so complete respect due to anyone training two dogs to this level at the same time.

Eric Roberts quote of the day “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any dog track like that”.

High praise for a Dobe in a GSD dominated sport.

 On 13/12/09, Max & Tony took their SchH2 exam with another set of excellent scores – 85 tracking, 90 obedience, 90 protection from Judge Eric Roberts.

On 04/05/09, Max & Tony re-did Max’s SchH1 exam with excellent scores of 96;83;90 from Judge Eric Roberts (Tracking, Obedience and Protection respectively). Max’s previous scores 14/12/08 of 80; 77; 70 from judge Richard James, had not enabled him to progress to SchH2.

DAM: ‘Max’ is from Asia’s Ned Ch, Europa Jugend Siegerin, Bel Winner, Lux Winner Aritaur Dominatrixsecond litter – her first producing the famous H litter. Now aged 11, Dominatrix won many major titles and is strongly admired in Europe including Top Brood Bitch 2007 from the entire UK working group. A Winner and a Producer.

Max is sired by another outstanding dog Fr, Port Ch F’Hiram Abif Royal Bell (Eko Royal Bell x Eboni v Residenzschloss).

SIRE: as a young dog, F’Hiram gained his Fr, Spanish & Portugese Champion, ZTP V1A, BH, VPG1/IPO1, Young Spain Champion, Young Champion Dobermann Club de France 2004, European Young Champion Barcelona 2004. F’Hiram passed his French Working Test CSAU – TAN – TAT – TC : 20/20 at one year old. Click HERE for sibling details.


Chris Bowes; 3 times National Champion, main trainer at South Cheshire Schutzhund, with Max.